Episode 21

Published on:

29th Mar 2022

The Power of Framing with Tyler Lorenzen

Tyler Lorenzen is an entrepreneur, former quarterback for UCONN, Super Bowl winner with Drew Brees, and Now the CEO of Puris Proteins which was just named the #1 Most Innovative company in the world alongside Tesla. He’s also a dear friend of Rene’s and an expert user of the AMPLIFII™ methodology.

“My perspective was someone’s gotta do it, why not me?” - Tyler Lorenzen on his childhood assertion that he’d play pro football.

Tyler joins us to talk about his athletic career, his company’s mission and the experiences he’s had that continue to highlight the power of framing for leaders at any level. Tyler has a powerful story of overcoming low expectations, putting in the work to achieve his dreams and spreading a message that offers hope for sustainability and healthier lifestyles for his fellow man.

Don’t miss this fantastic interview, and find more about Puris and Tyler’s work here: https://puris.com

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01:32 - What is “framing” to Tyler?

04:10 - Influence can be positive, or negative, and negative influence is the most powerful, in a bad way

05:00 - Influence is going to happen regardless

06:25 - Leadership = getting people to do and think similarly, and go for the same goal.

10:06 - You have to celebrate bad news

14:45 - Michael Jordan and Tim Grover

17:22 - High Growth companies grow in “dog years”

19:11 - “My passion, was football.”

22:49 - The balance of novelty and strict process

23:13 - “Once you have filet mignon, you’ll never eat roast beef. Super Bowl or bust.” - Sean Payton

29:00 - “Pitch Anything” - How Rene and Tyler met

31:07 - “I wanna take framing to the next level”

35:44 - Using past successes to establish a frame

37:45 - Use a story to deliver me a message, don’t waste my time telling me a story

44:30- “What does your dad mean to you?”

48:45- what it means to truly believe the mind is limitless

49:37- the founding of the Lorenzen family business

52:49- Tyler’s Tiedowns

55:35- It’s a buyer’s process, not a seller’s process

01:01:30 - The Puris lifestyle

01:07:11 - Using framing to secure company funding

01:09:36 - What advice do you give someone going through AMPLIFII™ for the first time


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