Episode 20

Published on:

22nd Mar 2022

Defining “Your Lane” in Business

Everyone knows you’re supposed to “stay in your lane” as an entrepreneur, but just what the heck is my “lane” anyway? How do you define that “sweet spot” for yourself, and how do you help ensure you remain in it?

“You have to earn your way into expertise. Poor advice from people who haven’t earned it yet leads to bad results for people.”

In this episode, Rene highlights the reasons we often stray from our own expertise and genius. As well as how he calibrates his own “lane” as a coach and consultant. Define who you are and what you do, then become great at it.

When you tell the world who you are, your customers will be happier and you’ll be more fulfilled.

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01:20 - Learning to stay in “your lane”

03:00 - Let’s get “real”, or let’s not play

07:18 - When you leave your lane, you’re less comfortable

08:45 - This isn’t about LIMITING people, but finding their GENIUS

10:15 - Hair Salon story

13:35 - What Lanes are you playing in that you SHOULDN’T be?

14:00 - ELF - Easy, Lucrative and Fun

15:14 - What brings you JOY?

17:15 - Picking a lane makes you more MEMORABLE

18:30 - Being out of your lane, and unaware is tragic

19:30 - Feedback is so central

21:20 - How does this relate to Ethos?

22:00 - What makes you UNIQUE?

23:20 - You may CHOOSE WRONG! That’s okay

24:50 - AmplifiiBook.com


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Dive deep into the applicable neuroscience of becoming a better communicator, influencer, and leader.
René Rodriguez takes the neuroscience and psychology behind our behaviors, simplifies it, and combines that with an acute understanding of self-awareness, emotions, storytelling, body language, and more to help each of us better deliver our ideas to others. The result is the ability to enhance our message delivery and connect with our audience whether that audience is one person in front of you, 100, or 1,000 and up. And in the process, we influence outcomes and improve our lives by having a greater impact on the world.

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For over two decades, René has been researching and applying behavioral neuroscience as a dynamic keynote speaker, leadership advisor, world class sales expert, and renowned speaker coach. He has also trained more than 100,000 people in applying behavioral psychology and neurology methodologies to solve some of the toughest challenges in leadership, sales and change.