Episode 7

Published on:

15th Aug 2023

The Power of Authenticity: Unleashing Massive Social Media Growth with Jefferson Fisher

“I turn chapters into paragraphs and paragraphs into sentences.”

Dive deep into the world of social media growth with trial attorney Jefferson Fisher, who achieved remarkable success by embracing authenticity. In this episode, discover how Fisher's genuine approach, coupled with trust and generosity, propelled him to over 2.3 million views on Instagram.

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@jefferson_fisher on Instagram

Episode highlights:

01:30 - Who is Jefferson Fisher

04:10 - How Jefferson got started with video

08:15 - “I’m just gonna give”

11:00 - How Jefferson found his style

16:45 -  Jefferson’s non-formulaic formula

21:00 - Jefferson’s family legacy

25:15 - “if it’s not going to align with me and my values, it’s not going to happen.”

28:00 - Defining “punchy” content

35:00 - What drives Jefferson

40:00 - Jefferson’s Book

42:50 - “The first chance you have to show kindness, take it.”

43:30 - See Jefferson onstage at AMPCON 2023


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