Episode 8

Published on:

29th Aug 2023

From Adversity to Influence: How Clinton Sparks Built a Brand That Transcends Culture, Music, and Business

Join us in this riveting episode as we sit down with the multi-platinum, Grammy-nominated DJ, producer, entrepreneur, and author, Clinton Sparks. Sparks has made more than just a mark in the entertainment industry; he has become a symbol of perseverance and success.

In this episode, he boldly states that "Fame doesn't make you great, but greatness can make you famous." This episode delves into the heart of what makes someone great and how adversity can be converted into the currency of influence. Clinton shares his insights on the importance of self-awareness, the powerful act of checking one's ego, and his unique parenting advice.

But it doesn't stop there; he unravels the essential ingredients to success – vision, confidence, patience, and passion. Whether you're an aspiring leader or someone seeking to reignite their passion, this episode is packed with actionable wisdom and relatable anecdotes that speak to the dreamer in all of us.

Learn from one of the masters of influence and discover how to build your empire of greatness. Tune in now!

(Note: Clinton Sparks is an American DJ, producer, songwriter, radio, television personality, and entrepreneur. His multifaceted career is a testament to his talents, and his insights on building influence and achieving greatness are grounded in real-world experience and success.)

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How To Win Big in the Music Business


Episode Highlights:

01:00 - How René met Clinton

03:10- The voice of excitement

07:30 - Clinton’s beginnings

13:50 - Clinton recognizes the skills his adversity built

18:00 - “When you compete with yourself you can only get better. When you compete with others, you’re only aiming to beat their best which may never be as good as your best.”

25:00 - “Being famous doesn’t make you great, but GREAT can make you famous”

31:45 - “Life comes down to just actually giving a s#*+. Most people don’t.”

 34:54 - “When you call people, doors open up”

41:45 - Clinton’s Leadership Checklist

46:00 - “You’ve still got to PROVE it”

50:00 - Vision. Confidence. Patience. Passion.

55:30 - Parenting (and Leading) with Options instead of Orders

1:00:00 - @clintonsparks

1:01:50 - How to Win Big in the Music Business

1:03:45 - AMPCON 2023


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