Episode 6

Published on:

3rd Aug 2023

Standards over feelings: How Standards Propel Legends feat. Ben Newman, The Nation's Top Continual Peak Performance Coach

“You can win more in your life if you lock in, standards over feelings.”

In this episode, we sit down with Ben Newman, THE NATION'S TOP CONTINUAL PEAK PERFORMANCE COACH, and author of The Standard, to explore the power of standards over feelings and how they act as a driving force in achieving greatness. We delve into the world of high achievement and discover the pivotal role that standards play in the success of legendary figures such as 7-time Super Bowl winner Tom Brady and Alabama head football Coach Nick Saban. Get ready to be inspired and gain invaluable insights on unleashing your true potential.

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Episode highlights:

02:45 - Where does Ben’s drive to succeed come from

04:15 - Connecting to YOUR standard

07:45 - Aggressive Patience

14:45 - A standard of commitment

17:15 - Unrequired Workout

19:30 - Standards over Feelings

23:30 - Stacking days

27:55 - The importance of environment

31:05 - How do you show up after you win?

33:30 Mental Toughness Forum

36:30 - Moving from Focus to Intentional Focus

42:05 - How to connect with Ben

44:15 - Finding the beauty in “suffering”


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