Episode 12

Published on:

4th Jan 2022

Ancient Secrets to Influence and Persuasion - ETHOS - PATHOS - LOGOS

A good “argument” is more than just the substance itself. To lead people, teams or organizations it takes logic, credibility AND an emotional appeal to induce action. This isn’t news, Aristotle discussed these concepts 2000 years ago, but so many leaders with massive potential miss out because they’ve forgotten these ancient “secrets”.

“The moment we get complacent with our Ethos, is the moment we start to lose it.”

In this episode, Rene breaks down these concepts (as well as the forgotten two, Kyros and Telos) to help you and your organization move forward from a place of credibility, using your own values, beliefs and experiences to lead with Pathos, Ethos and Logos.

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02:00 - What ARE Ethos, Pathos and Logos?

02:30 - The Origin of Argumentative Thought  

03:19 - Ethos is your credibility

05:11 - How do you establish Ethos?

05:38 - Ethos (and Pathos) are built through content AND delivery

06:34 - How do I grow my Ethos?

07:19 - Who owns your Ethos? (Hint, it’s not you)

08:24 - Success is rented, and rent’s due everyday

10:27 - Is it possible to influence without achievement?

11:42 - What is Pathos?

12:13 - Our emotions drive behavior

14:25 - Why delivery matters for EVERYONE

16:01 - Your Audience owns your Ethos

17:16 - People need Leaders that have Ethos and Can trigger Pathos with a Logical plan

18:50 - The varied applications of these concepts

21:23 - You can find Ethos anywhere

24:27 - What do I like? What am I good at? What have I been doing?

24:56 - You WILL find what you search for. WHAT are you going to look for?

26:57 - How a short memory can hurt your Ethos AND Pathos

27:55 - It’s 2022. Crying is okay.

29:10 - How do you tell stories without getting so emotional?

30:06 - How to improve your presentation

30:58 - What is Logos?

32:56 - Your presentation needs all three, Logos, Ethos AND Pathos

35:20 - The Forgotten two, Kyros and Telos

35:31 - Kyros = Timeliness

39:04 - Telos = End, What is your purpose?

40:30 - Self-Awareness is key for Kyros

41:33 - Want more like this? Check out the Amplifii Your Influence book!

42:00 - Join us at AMPCon 2022, March 14th in Vegas

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