Episode 11

Published on:

21st Dec 2021

How To Design Your Best Year Ever

“A lot of times our influence is about influencing ourselves. How do we spend each day, how do we spend each moment?”

Taking responsibility for your wins (and your regrets) is a humbling and exciting experience that will allow you to craft the future you dream of. In this episode, Rene walks us through the exercise of writing the “books of our year”. The book of your successes is the one we like to share far and wide, but writing the book of your regrets is the key to truly understanding where you are, and why you’re not where you want to be.

“Today is the future of your past. Today is the past of your future.”

Whether the habits you need to overcome are in your business life, your personal life or your health, understanding the two questions at the center of this episode will help make 2022 your best year ever.


01:54 - Two Questions that can change your life

02:50 - Today is the Past of Our Future

06:30 - I can craft my past

07:05 - You’re not thinking small enough

08:41 - Busy doing what?

10:04 - Today is the Future of My Past

15:30 - Celebrating the wins/Taking Responsibility for the losses

16:30 - We have to influence ourselves

17:01 - The Two Books You Write Every year

18:30 - As a leader, you have to share your book first

19:54 - What Book Do You Want to Write Next Year?

20:39 - If you have bad habits, you have to start small

21:38 - Build Momentum

22:17 - What Would Make This the Best Year of My Life?

23:53 - What Are You Doing Differently This Year

25:49 - How do I set myself up to best advantage

27:18 - Influence starts internally

29:40 - What is the highest good I can do NOW

30:21 - AMPCon.LIVE March 14th, 2022

31:37 - BuyAmplifiiBook.com

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