Episode 30

Published on:

23rd Aug 2022

Uncommon Leadership with Ben Newman

“If you don’t have a relationship it only goes so far, even if what you’re sharing is what they should do!”

What separates a leader from an uncommon leader? What is it that causes one to excel above their peers and create a legacy of impact on their industry and the world at large?

Ben Newman knows what’s behind that uncommon leadership. A highly regarded Performance Coach, International Speaker and Best-Selling Author, Ben’s clients include Fortune 500 companies around the world, business executives, sales organizations and professional athletes in the NFL, PGA, NBA, MLB, UFC and NCAA. His book, UNCOMMON Leadership , is a #1 Wall Street Journal and USA Today Best-Seller. In addition, Ben has served the last 5 years as a Mental Conditioning Coach for the 18-time National Champion Alabama Crimson Tide football team. He’s worked with players and coaches from the last six Super Bowl Champions. In this episode, René and Ben discuss the origin of uncommon leadership and how to cultivate it in ourselves daily.

“If WE’RE disorganized or lack accountability to ourselves, how can we expect that we’re going to be able to hold people to a certain level or standard of heightened accountability?”

Don’t miss out on this enlightening discussion, and catch René on Ben’s Podcast, The Burn soon at the link below.

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01:10 - Welcome Ben Newman

03:10 - What does Leadership mean?

05:03 - Coaching Coach Saban

06:31 - The Power of Leverage

09:14 - What are Leaders MISSING?

10:09 - Don’t miss René’s appearance on The Burn with Ben Newman

13:09 - Connection multiplies impact

16:14 - Learn to listen to what people value!

18:14 - THIS is what Leadership is: Seeing people for who they are and REMINDING THEM who they are

19:17 - You have to find YOUR voice

23:48 - Connection allows honest critique and coaching

24:43 - The biggest calling for Leadership right now?

25:43 - The choice to be a certain person sets the trajectory for everything else

26:10 - Get the book, Uncommon Leadership

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Dive deep into the applicable neuroscience of becoming a better communicator, influencer, and leader.
René Rodriguez takes the neuroscience and psychology behind our behaviors, simplifies it, and combines that with an acute understanding of self-awareness, emotions, storytelling, body language, and more to help each of us better deliver our ideas to others. The result is the ability to enhance our message delivery and connect with our audience whether that audience is one person in front of you, 100, or 1,000 and up. And in the process, we influence outcomes and improve our lives by having a greater impact on the world.

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