Episode 23

Published on:

19th Apr 2022

Learn to Express vs Impress

‘The end goal is we want to be impressive, but we can’t approach the work with the goal of being impressive.’

Ever find yourself in conversation thinking of the next best thing to say, instead of being present and actually listening to the other party? You were trying to impress, rather than express, and it’s much easier to fall into than you might think. Whether your ‘audience’ is one person in a conversation or 1000 plus in a keynote speech, the moment you are trying to impress, as opposed to expressing your beliefs and ideas, you’ve already lost.

‘You can learn the techniques, but if you can’t tap into an authentic delivery style, one that is uniquely yours and that comes from a place that’s believable, what good is it?’

The very core of AMPLIFII™ is summed up in Rene’s direction to let your heart speak in sequence and that’s exactly what this episode is about. A message that’s all polish and no passion is hollow, but we can’t bring our beliefs and ideas to bear on our delivery if we’re unclear on what those beliefs and ideas even are. In this episode, Rene will walk you through his own process for dealing with the stress of speaking that helps him ensure he speaks from his heart as opposed to ‘showing off’ for an audience.

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01:33 - Jim Rohn

02:40 - What does it mean to express vs impress?

03:19 - Don’t you want to be impressive?

04:17 - How Rene uses his ‘mantra’ before speaking

04:54 - What is ‘expression’?

05:12 - What is ‘impression’?

06:00 - What does Rene mean by ‘the heart’?

06:45 - You have to be a philosopher

09:30 - If you can’t deliver it authentically, what good is it?

11:15 - You’ve got to write!

12:27 - The moment you stop trying to impress is the moment you become most impressive

13:03 - Athletes reserve ‘thinking’ for practice. They ‘express’ in the game

13:30 - ‘If you can name it you can tame it’

14:40 - What Rene does before a talk - Climbing the mountain

18:55 - What are the benefits of this type of exercise?

20:44 - But what if we DON’T explore these things?

22:03 - The importance of routines



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