Episode 14

Published on:

18th Jan 2022

How to Differentiate Yourself

What is your competitive advantage? Are you sure you even know what that means? From the creation of the term by Dr. Michael Porter is his classic book, “Competitive Strategy” to real world modern corporate examples of brands using the Blue Ocean Strategy to not just beat their competition but to make the competition IRRELEVANT, this episode will help you understand the importance of differentiation.

“Differentiation is the ability to sell your product or service WITHOUT having to lower its price.”

Rene brings the lesson to life, highlighting how “different” doesn’t always mean “valuable”. Don’t miss this episode, or your competition might just leave YOU behind.

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02:06 - Let’s define “differentiation”

03:17 - Rene’s definition of “differentiation”

04:21 - What is competition?

05:42 - How do I compete?

05:50 - Dr. Michael Porter’s “Competitive Strategy”

07:58 - Technology isn’t a sustainable competitive advantage

08:51 - Distinct capabilities that aren’t SUSTAINABLE

09:20 - What ARE sustainable differences?

11:39 - The Branding Game

15:08 - Blue Ocean Strategy

16:50 - Yellowtail Wine

18:24 - Ask yourself the differentiation questions

19:39 - Are you truly differentiating?

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