Episode 26

Published on:

17th May 2022

The Most Powerful Phrase in Selling, Communication and Influence

We all do it. Scrolling Instagram, listening to a news program, hearing a sales pitch, picking out a podcast to listen to. We’re asking ourselves one thing.

“It’s a basic human question, it’s not designed to be arrogant or anything. But we want to know, what does any of this stuff mean to ME?”

When you hear someone answer this question, their message feels complete. Without it, anyone is just a talking head. René breaks down the science behind this powerful phrase and the concept of the “tie down” that it leads to so naturally. Until you’ve tied down your message, you haven’t provided value. Whether you’re a sales exec, CEO, coach, pastor or just a parent hoping to get your teen to hear something once in a while, this episode is for you!

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01:25 - “What that means to you is…”

01:51 - How René learned this power phrase

05:40 - How does this phrase fit into the “tie down”?

06:50 - You have to show the value to THEM, because THEY won’t find it themselves

07:25 - What it means to one person is not the same as it means to the next person

07:45 - Tyler and Alyssa Lorenzen’s list of 20 tie down phrases

10:22 - You’re CUEING the brain that value is about to be delivered

11:11 - “Conceptually Selling” by Heiman and Miller - People Buy for their own reasons, not yours.

11:50 - Sometimes “what it means” is values alignment

12:25 - We are only valuable to people if we are helping them create value

13:40 - Features/Benefit conversations

15:50 - The AMPLIFII™ Opening event is a dinner because incorporating multiple senses has power

16:35 - René’s Blackberry Holster

18:20 - Influence doesn’t happen until you tie it down

20:15 - The Ramble Dance

22:00 - What matters most? Client Value


Twenty other tie down phrases:

I share this story with you because

Why this matters to you is

I believe this matters to you because

The point of all this is

This is relevant to you because

The reason I share this with you is

Well, my point is

I bring this to your attention because

I invite you to consider the following

This is applicable in your situation because

Well, what’s in it for you is

The reason you should care is

This is pertinent information because

The value to you is

This relates to you because

The reason this is cool is

This is significant because

This directly correlates to you because

This is very fitting because

This story is appropriate because


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