Episode 28

Published on:

31st May 2022

Secrets of Short Form Video with Neel Dhingra

“You’ve got great content, but you’re doing it wrong!”

Have you found yourself lost trying to establish your brand on social media? Does creating short form video content like TikTok or Instagram Reels elude you? You’re in great company. René had the same issue trying to bring his message and the AMPLIFII™ formula to a broader audience. Even experts can be bewildered when stepping outside their natural habitat, but that’s what it takes to build a whole new audience.

Neel is a content marketing expert who exploded his mortgage business by creating innovative content on social media. He also helps Mortgage & Real Estate Pros learn how they can do the same, and René has called him a friend and colleague for years. Joining the podcast for the first time today, Neel discusses his “start from scratch” overhaul of his own social presence and the formula that he has been using and teaching since then to rocket to and now past 100k followers.

“The desire or willingness to take shortcuts is what screws you up in the end. If you take shortcuts, it might work short term, but you get exposed eventually.”

The Age of Attention is here whether we like it or not, and to continue to have influence and impact in this new age, we’ve got to learn the game. Listen in today for strategies you can use to expand your own influence beyond your current circle!

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01:25 - Welcome @neelhome

02:50 - the origins of the case study

05:20 - why did Neel start over?

07:45 - This conversation is for EVERYONE

08:15 - don’t give the wrong message to the wrong audience

09:20 - Am I Known? Or not known?

10:45 - it’s not the ability that matters, it’s the awareness

12:20 - Your audition for strangers 

16::30 - the battle between substance & click bait

20:00 - The reason I’m listening to this IS?

25:00 - it’s about the fundamentals

27:35 - The Forward Event info

31:30 - are you continually looking to grow?

33:30 - follow @neelhome


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