Episode 12

Published on:

12th Dec 2023

The Authentic Brand: A Deep Dive with Chris Do

“There’s nobility in doing humble things well.”

In this episode of the AMPLIFII podcast hosted by René Rodriguez, renowned marketing expert and designer Chris Do joins us. We discuss Chris' impressive background and successful career in marketing, design, and personal branding, delving into Chris' experiences and insights, exploring the lessons he's learned along the way. To close the episode René takes Chris on an engaging journey through the unique AMPLIFII™ process, uncovering Chris' own inspiring origin story. This episode offers valuable perspectives on personal branding and showcases the power of storytelling to connect with audiences.

Chris Do’s Keys to True Personal Branding

Know Who I am and What I REALLY Believe.

Have the Courage to Share it with the World.

Share it in a Way That Doesn’t Trigger Your Defense Mechanism

Episode Highlights:

03:15 - Winning an Emmy

05:35 - The Biggest Mistake People Make on Personal Branding

10:15 - Rather Be Hated for Being Myself than Loved For Being Somebody I’m Not

11:25 - How Chris Learned Who He Was

13:15 - “There’s nobility in doing humble things well”

15:55 - Am I Truly Portraying Who I Am

20:15 - Brand versus Recognition

22:45 - The Courage to Share Yourself, the Wisdom to not Abuse Your Voice

27:45 - Making Room for People in Your Passion

31:30 - Perception versus Perspective

35:25 - “Art is an invitation to look at the world through a different lens.”

41:15 - Communicating on YOUR Wavelength

45:15 - AMPLIFII(ing) Chris’ Story

52:30 - Starting with the Story, Not the Answer

55:45 - The Magnetic Effect of Self-Acceptance

57:15 - Follow Chris online


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